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Leading Pathway Lighting Designs

Pathway lighting adds to property aesthetics and prevents accidents.

Outdoor Lights

1. Classic Path Lighting

Classic path lighting, one of the most flexible fixtures, consists of posts with top hats. The top hat directs light downward onto pathways to increase visibility and safety.

Classic path lights are available in different sizes, shapes and styles.

2. Down Lighting

Downlighting or moonlighting, one of the most common path lighting techniques, includes light fixture installation above an area to be illuminated. Generally the light fixture is mounted to a tree trunk, gable, soffit, or pergola.

The style is meant to duplicate the soft impact and aesthetic feel of the moon.

3. Recessed Tread Design Lights

The recessed tread design is ideal for elevated steps. Steps and stairways should be properly lit to avoid missteps and other hazards. Tread light fixtures are installed into the vertical face of a step, directing light downwards onto the horizontal surface below.

Some designs include louvers to direct light away from the eyes.

Benefits of Outdoor Lighting

1. Safety

Pathway lighting increases visibility and decreases the dangers of tripping or falling in the dark. Ideal for nighttime events in dark areas with uneven paths or walkways.

2. Aesthetic

Stonework, landscaping and other outdoor features increase aesthetic, however, combined with exterior pathway illumination, the overall appeal is complete. Strategically installing downlights from trees to pathways brings any outdoor space to life.

3. Security

A property without proper outdoor lighting is a potential target for burglars. Landscape lighting, especially with pathway lights, gives onlookers second thoughts and homeowners a better view of the area at night.

4. Adds Value

Complete landscape lighting delivers huge marketing advantages.

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