Pathway Lighting Techniques for Residences in Duval County

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What’s The Best Pathway Lighting Design?

Pathway lighting is important making our homes aesthetic-looking and avoiding trip accidents from happening. Here are some of the most common lighting walkway techniques we can recommend:

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1.Classic Path Lighting

The classic path lighting is one of the most flexible fixtures. This design fixture consists of a post with a top hat. The top hat lights downward onto the pathways making it more visible and safe for a walk-through. The concept is that the top hat blocks the glare from the light source so one can feel the light’s effect while not seeing the lighting source.

Classic path lights have different sizes, shapes, and styles. May your home be traditional, or more of a contemporary type, there is a design light that can make your home’s aesthetics more unique and character-defining for your guests.

2.Down Lighting

Downlighting or moonlighting is one of the most common path lighting techniques. It is where a light fixture is affixed above an area you want to have illuminated. Usually, the light fixture is mounted to a tree trunk, gable, soffit, or pergola.

The style design is meant to duplicate, that has a soft impact or aesthetic feel, to the lighting of a moon. Some stylish concepts use few branches to obscure a small portion of the light to make the effect more natural.

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3.Recessed Tread Design Lights

The recessed tread design is a lighting design meant for elevation steps. Steps and stairways should be safe that needs to be properly lit to avoid missteps and other hazards. Tread light fixtures are installed back into the vertical face of a step making the lighting directly down onto the horizontal surface below.

Some designs come with louvers, the gaps allowing light, keeping off the light against in your eyes. Additionally, they are best for low profiling and blending light into the steps during day time.

Benefits Pathway Lights

  • 1. Safety

    Pathway lighting will help with visibility and lessen the dangers of tripping, falling, or trampling when stepping on your outdoor haven. They are important when having night outdoor parties or events for dark areas with uneven paths and cracked sidewalks, to prevent hazards or accidents from happening.

  • 2. Aesthetic Looks

    Stonework designs, beautiful plants, and other features may make your outdoor haven stunning, however, if added with exterior pathway illumination the overall looks are timeless. Installing strategically your lighting from pathways down to lighting trees with downlights can come to life at night in your outdoor space.

  • 3. Security

    A home without proper outdoor lighting is a potential target for burglars. Landscape lighting especially with pathway lights will give second thoughts to would-be onlookers or thieves. Additionally, it provides the homeowner a better view of the area at night to detect anyone lurking around in the yard.

  • 4. Adds Value

    Though your house may offer lots of potential for would-be buyers, however with complete landscape lighting especially during the night can give a huge advantage when it comes to its marketing edge. A beautifully designed home lighting both inside and out, daytime and night time is a home investment game changer.

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