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Experience the Magic of Lanai Lights with a Free Outdoor Lights Demonstration

Lanai Lights understands that seeing is believing, which is why they are proud to offer a free outdoor lights demo for potential customers. This unique opportunity allows you to experience the exceptional quality, beauty, and ambiance of Lanai Lights’ products firsthand, in the comfort of your own outdoor living space. This article will explore the benefits of taking advantage of this free demo and walk you through the simple process of scheduling your personalized experience.

Why a Free Outdoor Lights Demonstration?

Palm Beach Model


Personalized Experience:

The free outdoor lights demo lets you see how Lanai Lights can enhance your unique outdoor space, considering your specific layout, design preferences, and lighting needs.


Expert Guidance:

A knowledgeable Lanai Lights representative will be on hand during the demo to answer any questions, offer design suggestions, and help you make informed decisions about your outdoor lighting project.


No Commitment:

The demo is a risk-free way to explore the possibilities of Lanai Lights’ products, with no obligation to purchase.


Experience the Quality:

By seeing the lights in person, you can appreciate the craftsmanship, durability, and energy efficiency of Lanai Lights’ LED lighting systems.

How to Schedule Your Free Outdoor Lights Demonstration?

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Visit the Lanai Lights Website:

Go to the Lanai Lights website and navigate to the “Free Demo” page.


Complete the Demo Request Form:

Fill out the online form with your contact information, location, and any specific requests or preferences for your demo. This will help the Lanai Lights team tailor the demo to your needs.


Schedule Your Demo:

Once you submit the form, a Lanai Lights representative will contact you to schedule a convenient date and time for your free outdoor lights demo.


Prepare Your Space:

Before the scheduled demo, ensure your outdoor space is clean and accessible so the Lanai Lights representative can set up the demonstration efficiently.

What to Expect During the Demonstration?

Palm Beach Model


Set Up:

The Lanai Lights representative will arrive at the scheduled time and set up a temporary lighting display in your outdoor space, showcasing the various products and configurations available.



During the demo, you will have the opportunity to walk through your illuminated outdoor space, experiencing the ambiance and quality of the lighting firsthand.


Q&A and Consultation:

The Lanai Lights representative will be available to answer any questions, discuss your specific needs and preferences, and offer expert advice on the best lighting solutions for your space.


Demo Breakdown:

After the demo, the Lanai Lights representative will remove the temporary lighting display, leaving your space clean and undisturbed.

By taking advantage of the free outdoor lights demonstration offered by Lanai Lights, you can experience the magic of their innovative LED lighting solutions firsthand without any commitment. This personalized, no-pressure demo allows you to make an informed decision about your outdoor lighting project, ensuring you choose the perfect solution to enhance the beauty, safety, and ambiance of your outdoor living space. Schedule your free demo today and discover the Lanai Lights difference.

Why Choose Lanai Lights?

  • Patented

    Multiple choices of Innovative designs you’ll find nowhere else.

  • Versatile

    Use on-screen enclosures, decks, fences, balconies, docks, tikis, pergolas & much more.

  • Energy Saving

    LED technology in multiple colors.

  • Holiday Lighting

    LED holiday light displays

  • Safe

    Low-voltage systems specifically designed for outdoor use.

  • Customer Controlled

    Remote controlled, dimmable, and automatic operation included.

  • Best Warrantees

    Lifetime warranty on most fixtures.

  • Lifetime Warranty

    Lifetime warranty on electronic components.

  • Licensed Certified Installers

    Professional installation by licensed certified installers

  • Made in the USA

    Products are Made in the USA and Assembled in USA ETL certified.

Call Lanai Lights at 888-829-3888 or message us online to schedule a free demo and consultation.