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Pathway lighting in Okaloosa, County offers illumination to guide you along an outdoor path or walkway. Lanai Lights LED lighting solutions can accommodate your residential and commercial lighting solution needs such as architectural, functional, landscaping, decorative, and aesthetic.

Lanai Lights is a manufacturer of unique lighting products designed to enhance your outdoor living spaces with a bright, attractive, and affordable light source. Call Lanai Lights at 888-829-3888 to learn more about landscape and outdoor security lighting

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Outdoor Pathway Lighting Techniques

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1. Traditional Path Lighting

Traditional Path Lighting is made up of a post with a top hat. Housed inside the top hat, there is a light bulb that emits light downward onto the path. The idea is that the top hat blocks the glare from the light source so we can experience the light’s effect without directly seeing the source.

2. Down Lighting

Down lighting is one of our favorite path lighting techniques. This type of lighting does require a few prerequisites in order for it to work properly. Established trees, for instance, will make down lighting a magical experience.

Pathway Lights

3. Recessed Tread Lights for Steps

Places with elevation changes pose the biggest hazard. Steps and stairways especially need to be lit for safety. One of our favorite ways to light a staircase is with a recessed tread light. A tread light is a fixture fixed back into the vertical face of a step that directs light down onto the horizontal surface below.

Benefits of Outdoor Lighting

1. Safety

Pathway lighting helps with visibility and lessens the dangers of tripping, falling, or trampling when stepping on your outdoor haven.

2. Aesthetic Looks

Installing strategically your lighting from pathways down to lighting trees can make your surrounding come to life at night.

3. Security

Pathway Lighting does not only provide good lighting it also helps homeowners have a better view of the area at night to detect anyone lurking around in the yard.

4. Adds Value

Having well-designed lighting in and outside of your home can drastically add value to your home.

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