Pathway Lighting Techniques For Residences In Orange County

Path lighting has to be functional, helpful, and comforting to the eye. Importantly, path lights are meant to increase visibility and to provide safety at night. They play the role of enlightening the ambiance of your outdoor space and brightening your landscape.

If you are looking for modern walkway lighting or just want to lighten up your garden with style, then take a minute to glance through our pathway ideas. Lanai Lights offer complete pathway solutions for your outdoor space and landscaping project in Orlando, FL, and Orange County.

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Pathway Lighting Techniques in Orlando, FL

Fixtures come in several varieties effective in illuminating walkways and paths. Below are the most common techniques suitably best on pathways, which include garden lights, flush lights, bollards lights, and downlights.

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1. Garden Lights

Traditionally, a garden with pathway lights is the most common style. People invest in pathway lighting to their garden to mark its boundaries and to illuminate for security reasons.

Garden highlighting a single item like a statue, gazing ball or fountain should be done with a few landscape lighting fixtures having lower intensity bulbs. Install them at different angles and distances. Never shine a single bright light directly on an item or object, it will create harsh shadows.

2. Flush Lights

Flush lights placed along the surface of a path create soft but practical lighting in a garden setting. They brighten up best by softly illuminating up and outwards, without the intensity of a spotlight.

Flush lights are ideal for marking up the path to make your garden safe and easy to navigate. For smooth paths, set them up on both sides to create boundaries. Create a more warm feeling with yellow lights to properly blend with surrounding outdoor lights.

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3. Bollard Lights

If you want to greet guests with a contemporary atmosphere, minimalist style path lighting with bollard lights is perfect. Hollow rectangular-edged bollards create a more space-age appeal to your outdoor modern yard.

Another is pillar lights, having 360-degree light spread can enlighten garden beds and pathways at the same time. They are installed at the start or end of a walkway as a beginning point and to guide walkers in the right direction.

4. Downlight

The downlighting pathway is one of the most popular choices because it enlightens a large area to help you see when walking at night. Classic black downlights are best for any exterior landscaping, especially if they are scattered evenly on both sides.

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Pathway Lighting Tips

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Mixed It Up

Combine path light fixtures with other ambient light sources like up-lights to increase dimension and depth to your garden. Try to experiment by combining different types of path lights in similar shapes & finishes.

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Place Properly

Install the lights within the garden bed instead of shoving them to the edge of your pathways. This way the light can spread more widely and get your visitor’s attention to a larger, controlled area.

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Low Lighting

It is not advisable to flood the entire walkways with bright lights. Use low lights on the ground to provide safety at the same time softening its effects, overall.

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Less Is More

Pathway lighting is meant to be subtle, soft, and comforting. Never install fixtures that can be glaringly bright to the eyes. To test, try this: On a cloudless night, turn your pathway lights on. If you can see the stars, that’s perfect, if not then maybe it’s too bright.

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Twist A Bit

It’s perfectly OK for path lights to be not equally spaced down on its walkways, in a straight-line direction, or all with similar heights. Also, it is advisable to stagger your path lights on either side of the pathways to create a balance and artistic feel to guide your guests.

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Lanai Lights can provide security, safety, and unique lighting style for your pathway lighting to your home in Orange County. We have modern, stylish, and durable lighting products with lifetime warranties on most of our fixtures.