Outdoor LED Security Lighting Guide in Florida and Houston, Texas

According to a 2020 State of Safety survey, burglary is the leading property crime concern across America.

  • The average loss in home burglary is more than $2,000.
  • In 2016 reports, burglarized homes lost more than $3.6 billion.
  • In a survey of 700 burglary victims with sentimentally valued stolen items, 67% said their emotional and mental health was affected, and 63% had trouble sleeping afterward
  • In one out of 10 burglaries, a homeowner is at home.

Protect your property against burglary with Lanai Lights. Strong, bright outdoor LED security lights are crucial in deterring unwanted individuals from lingering outside when it is dark.

Benefits of LED Outdoor Security Lighting

  • Brighter Light
  • Energy-Efficiency
  • Increased Durability
  • Improved Safety
  • Longer Lifespan
  • Flexibility
  • Increase Financial Savings

Factors to Consider Before Selecting LED Security Lighting

Several factors should be taken into account before choosing outdoor LED security lighting.

1. Location

Position LED lighting fixtures to ensure adequate light and illumination in a space. Placement options include:

  • Driveways and Walkways
  • Front and Back Doors
  • Windows
  • Garages

2. Lumen Output

For brighter illumination, added lumens are required. LED bulbs provide higher intensity light and consume less energy.

3. Lighting Angle

Focus beam angles to cover wider spaces. Generally, a beam angled at 120 degrees is ideal. For overall lighting needs, LED floodlights work best.

4. Weather Resistance

Outdoor lighting should be weather-proof. LED lights with strong rust-proof materials, such as aluminum, are a reliable option for climates prone to sudden changes and severe weather conditions.

5. Motion-Sensor

Modern LED lights with timed motion sensors provide increased security, little maintenance, and the convenience of customized timing to an outdoor space.

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Trust the Outdoor Security Lighting Experts at Lanai Lights

It is essential to choose the correct lighting features for your outdoor lighting needs. LED lighting offers energy-saving efficiency, enhances safety, and improves security in residential spaces.

Lanai Lights, the trusted leaders in outdoor security LED lighting in Florida and Houston, Texas,  brighten outdoor spaces with durable, energy-efficient, and bright LED lights.

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