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Your Outdoor Lighting Tips Guide for 2022

Well-lit outdoor space improves our capacity to get many things done and makes us feel secure. It also drives production and beauty in outdoor spaces when it’s well-structured, safe, secure, and comfortable.

If you want to boost or create a restful ambiance on your patios and decks, installing outdoor lighting will guarantee elegance. With a well-lit outdoor area, you’re giving your exterior a more vibrant and stunning look from the sidewalk.

Here are the tips on how to improve your outdoor space.

Driveway Lighting

Lanai Lights Shangra LaAn illuminated driveway creates a pleasant welcome to visitors while also ensuring your safety when trying to park at night. By installing this in your exterior space, it will create an aura that is welcoming to the guests.

Lanai Lights Palm Beach Model can emit 2,000 Lumen at full bright white. Its fixtures are made with the same proven 3M composite that can last decades.

Planter Lighting

Add a glimmer of lure to your garden space with a lighting fad that gives a homely, moon-lit ambiance that also forms the limelight in branches of the surrounding trees. This will also augment the illustrated space of your patio, allowing you to catch a glimpse outside the patio edge and assemble the illusion of a bigger area.

Example of Planter Lighting

Fountain Lighting

Fountain lights are noteworthy to portray your fountain’s magnificence and water movement at home. Although the sun’s rays mirror the water and give stunning gleams and light effects, in the daytime, many features are overlooked, and we cannot emphasize the distinct features through reasonable use of light.

Example of Fountain Lighting

It is during the nighttime when it is feasible to enrich all the elements of an architectural fountain. Adding fountain lighting allows us to recreate diverse glares and colors to accentuate water movements and features without natural light.

Pathway Lighting

Example of Pathway LightingPathway lighting is essential for a lot of reasons. Without sufficient lighting, pathways may appear dangerous, intimidating, or daunting.

A well-lit pathway is instantly perceived as more attractive and secure. On top of that, pathways with palm beach lighting are a contemporary and engaging style that makes your spaces stylish and functional.

Lanai Lights Palm Beach Model can emit 2,000 Lumen at full bright white. Its fixtures are made with the same proven 3M composite that can last decades. This light is perfect for your pathway and driveway.

Sunroom Lighting

Sunset Lanai Lighting in FloridaSetting great lighting is a significant absolute touch for sunrooms. It will fix your mood and provide your area with more value.

Attentively selecting your nocturnal lighting will let you relish your sunroom at any time and provide abundant possibilities to create the desired atmosphere by altering the style and arrangement of your lighting.

Lanai Lights Palm Beach Model can emit 2,000 Lumen at full bright white. Its fixtures are made with the same proven 3M composite that can last decades. These lights have all the highest grade electrical ingredients as our new models, including 50,000 continuous hours  rated usage LEDs that can last more than 20 years with Color Pixels of more than 16 Million.

Table Bar Lighting

Sunset Lanai Lighting in FloridaThe table bar lighting also plays a crucial role in promoting the desired ambiance at home or business establishments like a restaurant. The warm, friendly, romantic surroundings uplift guests to sip wine.

Also, table lights make the face more stunning because of the lighting effects. This provides the identical warm, cozy impact as a campfire.

Pool Cage Lighting

Palm Beach Lanai Lighting in FloridaInstalling a Pool Cage with a Palm Beach Lighting will give you a great value of time and money. Add a definitive touch with elegantly planned lighting that will complement your pool area and maximize the usefulness of your asset at night.

This lighting has a remote control, WIFI, dimmable, and automatic operation.

Security / Vicinity Lighting

Security Lighting in FloridaAdding a Security or Vicinity lighting that is operational and aesthetically attractive in your property is more than pleasing. Palm Beach Lighting in the vicinity can give an indoor green wall in the indoor space that requires natural lighting, an energy-efficient solution that helps with plant growth, and a cost-effective indoor plant lighting key.

Tiki Hut Lighting

Tiki HutsWhen a tiki hut is properly lit, it will stimulate a mood of enigma and exploration and convey visitors into an equatorial oasis. However, selecting the suitable lights for a Tiki Hut is not always effortless when endless options exist.

Lighting options for a Tiki Hut like the Palm Beach lighting have three major categories: Polynesian, Nautical, and Contemporary. You may want to consider the theme you desire before deciding which light to use.

Lanai Lighting

Lanai lighting can keep your home from indifference and obscurity during the nighttime. All that is needed is to discover the lighting blend that goes completely with your area.

Lighting Product in Florida

Deck Lighting

Lighting Product in FloridaIn complement to the added protection, outdoor deck lighting can help stop thieves or burglars from entering your property since your house or deck is well lit. Having outdoor deck lighting will immediately enhance the area’s general aesthetics while enriching the atmosphere of your backyard.

Fire Pit Area

Lighting Product in FloridaMake your fire pit area the site to be on a warm summer’s night – that way, you won’t have to fret about someone falling or getting injured in the dark. All you need to do is evaluate your yard and determine which lighting designs suit it best.

Boat Dock

Dock LightingInstalling Dock Lighting benefits you by ensuring your security and safety. It can also help create a great spot for contemplating with your guests. The dock with Palm Beach Lighting will surely turn your typical outdoor space into something remarkable.

Dock lighting will also benefit your pocket, as Lanai Lights’ lighting products last longer and use less power.
Lanai Lights offers Sea Turtle-Safe & Friendly Lighting. The Florida Marine Protection Act and the Federal Endangered Species Act protect sea turtles. Sea turtle-safe lighting is mandated by local and federal law, as lights can disturb nesting sea turtles and their hatchlings. This specialty lighting fixture uses LED lights that comply with the specifications for coastal beach lighting.

Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor KitchenOutdoor kitchen lighting creates a crucial role in producing an ambiance and of course, meets operational roles. When you add efficient lighting to your outdoor kitchen, you accentuate your backyard, brighten the area for food preparation, keep you and your guests secure by illuminating pathways, and create a perfect mood for entertaining.

Why Choose Lanai Lights?

We are a manufacturer of distinctive lighting products designed to enrich your outdoor living areas with bright, engaging, and reasonable light creations. Our Palm Beach Model is a patented lighting system particularly invented to light screen enclosure spaces. Produced with high-quality materials and artistry, the exterior lighting from Lanai Lights looks fantastic, long-lasting, and weatherproof perfect for your outdoor lighting needs.

We persist with the set high measures as we constantly improve our fixtures with the most delinquent technology while maintaining Lanai Lights compatible with prior versions.

With more than 8000 customers and 40,000 lights installed worldwide, we have established our expertise to serve with satisfaction to our clients over the years.

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