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Outdoor Safety: Security LED Landscape Lighting Alachua County

Improve Outdoor Safety with Security LED Landscape Lighting 


The best time of the year is upon us – summertime! It’s a time to plan warm-weather, host barbeques, take picnics and attend weddings and birthday parties. What better way to showcase and protect your home than to install landscape security lighting.

Summer brings enjoyable weather and socialization but also an increase in home burglaries, drowning and other pool-related accidents. Well-lit paths and outdoor areas provide peace of mind to a homeowner.

Outdoor LED landscape lighting is an important safety and security necessity in Alachua County homes.

Why LED Lighting?


LED (Light-Emitting-Diode) is a semiconductor-based light source that makes light using the “electroluminescence” process. Although LED lighting has been around for fifty years, some still confuse LED’s for a new development in the lighting industry.

There are several options for outdoor light source including compact fluorescent, low-pressure sodium and others, but LED light is the widely-used standard.

Benefits of LED Lighting

  • Auto-Capability: Automatically turn on and off with motion detectors and other security devices.
  • Energy Savings: LED lights save 60% to 90% in energy use, while also saving on costs.
  • Eco-friendly: Invented for the modern-day requirement with no toxic materials.
  • Directional Focused: LED lights can easily be adjusted to focus additional lighting on a certain area.
  • Flexibility: Their versatility allows for the use of motion sensors, cameras, and other security systems.
  • Long Lifespan: LED lights can be used for 10 years or more.
  • Low Maintenance: Little required upkeep providing convenience and maintenance cost savings.
  • Manageable: Easily controlled dimness and color preference.
  • Strong White Light: They emit focused strong white lights, from near to far-distanced areas.
  • Tough Design: LED lights are designed with solid-state parts, without glass envelopes nor filament.

Outdoor Lighting Designs

Tips to Improve Outdoor Safety


1. Position LED lighting with security and safety in mind.

  • Place security lights for a clear aerial view of people and objects including walls, barriers, and fences.
  • Simplify daily tasks such as getting the mail, finding keys and walking the dog.
  • Promote clear facial or object recognition (minimum distance-30 feet).
  • Create a safe outdoor ambiance. 

2. Install security lights in the proper locations. 

  • Motion Sensor Floodlights: Driveways, backyards, entryways, corners, deck, patios, and pool areas.
  • Motion Sensor Recessed Lights: Pathways, doors, and backyards.
  • Landscape Path Lights: Decks, ground, trees, plants, flower beds, paths, stairs, trails, and walkways.
  • Roadway Luminaries: Driveway, parking areas, and streets.
  • Mounted Luminaries: Entrances and perimeters.
  • Post Mount Luminaries: Driveways, parking areas, and streets.
  • Flood Lights: Driveways, backyards, recreational areas, entryways, corners, decks, loading areas, patios, porches, pools, and warehouses.

3. Pre-emptively design your security lighting system.

  • Researching the neighborhood’s criminal history (asking around and through the internet).
  • Identify and understand potential safety and security risks.
  • Survey the property’s perimeter.

4. Account for local ordinances on light pollution and energy conservation. 

5. Choose security lighting fixtures approved by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) with weatherproof designs and finishes features:

  • Dimmers
  • Flood Lights
  • Landscape Path lights
  • Mounted Luminaries
  • Motion detectors
  • Photo Cells
  • Post Mount Luminaries
  • Roadway Luminaries
  • Time Switches

6. Properly install security lights.

  • Determine safe locations where light fixtures cannot be damaged, tampered or vandalized.
  • Protect light fixtures with wire covers.
  • Focus light fixtures on your property, not the street or your neighbors.
  • Test motion sensitivity and adjust accordingly.
  • Balance and integrate outdoor lighting designs to current indoor lighting aesthetics.

7. Design a safe and secure lighting system to intimate potential intruders from targeting your property.

8. Maintain Outdoor Security Lights

  • Change damaged or broken light fixtures.
  • Prune bushes and shrubs for clean outdoor surroundings.
  • Trim obstructive tree branches and plants.
  • Replace burned-out and broken bulbs.
  • Replace damaged electrical components (photocells).
  • Use a soft cloth and mild soap to clean dirty lenses.

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