Pathway, Walkway & Driveway Lighting

Custom LED outdoor lighting is energy efficient and can be used anywhere – your home, apartment, garden area, or business, etc. LED lighting uses 75% less energy than a comparable halogen lighting system and also has a longer lifespan. You can protect the environment and wildlife as well as retain the ambiance that a traditional halogen lighting system would provide. Lanai Lights is proud to provide our customers with energy efficient outdoor lighting solutions!

Colored LED Outdoor Lighting can be both a beautiful and functional enhancement to your pathway, walkway or driveway. LED pathway lighting can be a value-added safety feature for your residential or commercial property. Oour experienced Lanai Lights lighting experts will work with you to illuminate your home or business with our superior, custom products and installation.

Our red and/or orange colored LED lighting not only enhances your pathway, walkway, or driveway, but it conforms to the requirements of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Imperiled Species Management section and dark sky ordinances. See our Sea Turtle Safe Lighting page for more information.