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Tiki Bar Ideas

Home Tiki Bar Easy Makeover Ideas

Adding a Tiki Bar experience at home may take time, but it will be pleasingly worth the grind when you find yourself relaxed while relishing cocktails in your miniature paradise. There is no doubt that a Tiki bar transforms your outdoor space to have an exotic atmosphere and unparalleled fun for every occasion.

Whether you desire cordial tones, calm tones, or neutral color palettes – you’ll surely find a tiki bar idea below that will surely fit your lifestyle!

Outdoor Tiki Bar Makeover Ideas

Whether you are a huge Enchanted Tiki Room fan or just looking to inject a bit of tiki culture – you’ll find a pick! Let’s take a look at all of the tiki decor ideas below.

1. Enchanted Tiki Room Attraction Sign

If you’re a big fanatic of Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room, you can hang a miniature of the character in your tiki-inspired area.

tiki room
credit to Walt Disney

2. Solar-Powered Tiki Statue

Does your sundeck have the tiki theme? Transform the ambiance in your space by adding lighting with solar-powered tiki figures.

3. Disneyland Enchanted Tiki Room Concept Art

Disneyland lovers can exhibit random concept art for the Enchanted Tiki Room. You can also add Enchanted Tiki Room posters, which will be ideal for lovers of the visual design style. It’s a great tiki room makeover that surely fills the eyes!

4. Tiki Statue Side Table

To make your tiki statue side table fancier, try placing drinks, books, plants, and other minimalist stuff on it.

5. Singing Parrot Cross Stitch Pattern

Cross-stitch sceneries at home never grow old. If you love cross-stitching, you may want to create more parrot-themed wall decor. It could be the cutest modest nod to the Tiki Room!

6. "Parrotdise" Pillowcase

The parrot pillowcase can be a great addition to your tiki room. Pick something that will make your space appear like an island paradise suitable for the Enchanted Tiki Room.

Parrotdise Pillowcase

7. 1962 Enchanted Tiki Room Exterior Blueprint Poster

If you’re searching for an Enchanted Tiki Room craftwork that is less multicolored and more modest, this surface blueprint is a fantastic option.

1962 Enchanted Tiki Room Exterior Blueprint Poster

8. Concrete Tiki Statue

Placing a unique and concrete tiki statue in your tiki area must have a neutral color palette that maintains character and class.

9. Tiny Tiki Fine-Art Print

Awwdraws little fine art patterns are delicate and colorful. It’s perfect for small areas where you’d enjoy adding a bit of wild art.

10. Tiki Cocktail Set

There is always merriment with a tiki-inspired cocktail set! Place an engaging tiki cocktail set in your tiki bar and furnish it with some colorful drinkware.

Why Add Lights in Tiki Bar?

Lighting is an integral element in the design of any bar. Our primary pursuit in designing these fixtures is to ensure our clients can achieve their home tiki bar projects easily.

An outstanding tiki bar lighting setup can reshape your dwelling. This is why we suggest selecting the best lighting equipment to correspond to the atmosphere you’re going for.

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