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Why Invest in Permanent Holiday Lighting?

Why Invest in Permanent Holiday Lighting?

The holiday season is almost here. Do you remember last year when you had to look inside storage cabinets, check for lighting bulbs, install holiday decorations, and go up the roof to place those holiday lighting decoration systems? Not to mention the hassle involved, time-consumed, costly repairs, and the risks to your safety, these holiday seasons are getting more challenging and stressful.

With Permanent Holiday Lighting, you will never hang holiday lights again. This fixed and one-time installation of permanent holiday lights will relieve all of that pre-holiday anxiety and jitters. Cherish quality moments and relax with your family this coming Christmas holidays by enjoying the benefits of Permanent Holiday Lighting for your home or business in Florida.

No More Every Holiday Season Assembly and Disassembly

Annually, before Christmas, you would find yourself getting the decors from the storage room, installing the lights above the roofs, and setting up the ladders. But installed permanent holiday lights would require you a one-time installation only and no more pain-in-the-neck and risky pre-holiday preparations.

For All-Seasons Use

With the installation of permanent holiday lights your home is all-year ready for any season, may it be Christmas, St. Patrick’s Day, 4th of July, or even Mother’s Day. No more worries about searching over, installing, and taking down when an occasion comes. The professional lighting technicians can pre-design and set up your desired color-fit theme to suit the celebration or event at night:

Permanent Holiday Lights Are Hardly Noticeable During the Day

The permanent lighting systems are installed not to be visible during the day. Lighting cap designs are placed invisibly into the roofline and gutters. They are unnoticeable when looking over from the street or driveway.

Beneficial for Business

Holiday Lighting in FloridaInvesting in a permanent multi-colored commercial lighting system is beneficial for commercial businesses. By lighting up storefronts you can attract customers to draw attention to your business. It helps to ensure a multiple-fold increase to your marketing productivity points with more sales boosting up.

In addition, if ever you are the first to pioneer the permanent lighting concept in your area, you will have an edge over your competitors, or better they will follow your original idea to your advantage.

Easily Operate with An App

You can easily control and manage your permanent lighting systems from anywhere by using a tablet, smartphone, or web browser. A user-friendly App with cutting-edge technology can be changed using programmable millions of colors, patterns, and animations, or any multiple-colored settings to brighten up the theme desired for your residence or business.


This color-changing fixed lighting system is versatile for all events. You can support your favorite sports team or the community through awareness and causes, by illuminating your house with bright pink colors for Breast Cancer Awareness Month or going green for Eco-friendly Month. In addition, you can also make use of unlimited-colored lights to brighten up social gatherings or occasions with friends, relatives, and neighbors.

Additional Security Lighting Benefits

The extra well-illuminated permanent holiday lights can boost up the security of a residence or business during nighttime:

Improves Curb Appeal

House Holiday Lighting

Installing multi-colored permanent lights adds an extra appeal to your residence. The clear light caps match any architectural designs of a residence or establishment, creating a sense of welcome setting for visitors or guests. Permanent holiday lighting systems work best if balanced with pathway lights, recessed lights, and floodlights to brighten up the outdoor environment.

Gain Celebrity-neighborhood Status

Your permanent holiday lights can make you a ‘public figure’ of the neighborhood. For example, when somebody is finding a location near your street house, your neighbors can give directions using your brightly illuminated house as a strategic point for easy and convenient search, particularly at night.

Increase Home's Value

Investing in color-changing fixed lights adds to the value of your home because of its several benefits. If you plan to sell the house in the future, finding a real estate agent or a buyer is much easier. From its unique aesthetic looks to its high-end tech design, these permanent lights can create a wow factor in the sale and even gain more money.

Convenient and Flexible

Holiday Lighting in FloridaPermanent holiday lights have a lot to offer when it comes to convenience and flexibility. Its unlimited color options for user creativity, several themes availability, and easy control through a mobile application device make holiday seasons more enjoyable and relaxing without the hassles of setting foot on the ladder.

Tips for Your Permanent Holiday Lighting

  1. Choose your type of lights that are designed, rated for outdoor use, and weatherproof. Carefully check the product descriptions and safety instructions to ensure the kind of environment you will be installing, outdoors or indoors.
  2. Besides the customized-made themes by the lighting company, creatively check out some other colored-designed themes for various purposes:
  1. Before finalizing the set-up of the lighting systems, double-check how it will look from far or at different angles, like streets or driveways.
  2. Always exercise safety precautions when electrically adjusting the lighting systems. However, if you find yourself struggling with the lighting tasks, you can consider calling in the professionals. 
  3. Before gathering all the necessary lighting equipment and accessories, better inspect first the lighting supplies for electrical issues.

Contact Florida’s Leader in Permanent Holiday Lighting Systems

Lanai Lights’ team of experts has the experience, is equipped with high-end lighting equipment and devices, and delivers premium service to customers who need Permanent Holiday Lighting Systems for their homes or businesses.

Since 2009, Lanai Lights has been providing Permanent Holiday Lights and other lighting products and services, including installations and repairs in Southwest Florida.

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